Stone Bryan, Basel and the Church in England

600 years of theological, cultural and political connections


This surprisingly comprehensive overview describes many often forgotten contacts and partnerships over more than 600 years between Basel, Switzerland and the evolving Church in England. The author brings together Wycliffe, the 1431 Council of Basel, Charles the Bold, the English King Henry VIII, Erasmus, the Reformation, the younger Hans Holbein, Zwingli, John Foxe and the refugees from Mary Tudor, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Basel’s august Three Kings Hotel, and today’s Anglican Church in Basel, and many more. These are threaded into a carefully researched, scholarly and often entertaining narrative.
The story clearly shows how Basel’s Humanist traditions and scholars helped the evolving English Church, while English influences in return promoted evangelism and worldwide mission. This book will interest general readers and scholars alike, both the many who love Basel, and also those who wish to see Anglican history in a wider European context.


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